Bridal Consultations and Trials

Rates and Services

The consultation is where we will get to know eachother and helps me understand the look you are trying to achieve on your wedding day. During this trial we discuss your desired look, what is needed to achieve your desired look, and even do a trial run.


1 style Bridal Trial Hair - $100

2 style  Bridal Trial Hair - $150

Travel and parking

We invite all of our clients to have their trial in my studio in Bristow, VA at no charge.

from Bristow, VA - $1 per mile

Washington, DC - $100

Baltimore, MD - $200

For other locations please contact Mimi

Toll and parking expense must be reimbursed by client or charged to a hotel room number if applicable.

Travel outside of Maryland, Virginia, or Washington DC must be discussed and agreed upon prior to booking.  Travel fees may include, but are not limited to, air fare, rental car, lodging, and a daily per diem for food.

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